The Mission

Mission + Vision

+ To create energized+optimized lives through the use of safe, fast, and effective Vitamin B Shots!

+ Voda Health provides a concierge Vitamin B Shot service, by a doctor, in collaboration with local businesses, as part of employee benefits packages, and for corporate and other private events.

+ By helping clients feel better, fast, momentum of healthier lifestyle choices is ignited, hope becomes tangible, and one’s potential begins to maximize. We aim to cultivate and encourage as many healthy and thriving lives as possible, one shot at a time.

What + Why

+ Voda Health provides a selection of doctor-formulated B vitamin and nutrient injections delivered via a small needle into the arm. Injection of these vital vitamins provides far superior absorption and longer lasting effects, as opposed to oral supplementation, with nearly zero side effects.

+ B vitamins are absolutely essential to our most fundamental and life-sustaining health processes: blood and brain health, liver detoxification, and DNA repair. This makes B vitamins in high need, all the time! Problem is, they are easily depleted with stress, exercise, poor diet, digestive issues, and some common medications; most notably needed for vegans, those over 50 years old, and/or those who have a very common genetic inefficiency (MTHFR SNP) preventing proper utilization of the vitamin from food.