How do I know if I need an injection?

Unfortunately, signs and symptoms of low B vitamin levels can be vague and subtle – fatigue, mood swings, sleep disturbance, and brain fog, etc. Testing of B vitamin levels is also unreliable and doesn’t always align with clinical outcome. This means that we don’t know for certain whether you will benefit or not. That being said, an overwhelming majority of Voda Health clients notice a benefit after the very first shot! Because vitamin B injections are extremely safe, they are not many instances when one does not qualify. Take the quiz to see if you would be a good candidate to give it a shot.

Do I need my doctor’s permission?

Nope! We hold our level of care to you at the highest standard. Rest assured, your Voda Health shot will only ever be given by a qualified doctor who will help you decide if a vitamin shot would be good for you. If you are interested in testing your levels, ask a Voda Health doctor for more information on what to ask your primary care provider to test for (hint: not serum B12).

I take a supplement everyday, would I still benefit?

We hear it all the time… and the answer is YES! Because B vitamins – B12 in particular – can be difficult to absorb, you may be taking a supplement every day and still not be absorbing adequate amounts. With an injection, maximal absorption is guaranteed.

Any side effects?

Although rare, there are instances where one may experience too much energy or overstimulation, may feel more fatigued, or develop a slight headache. These symptoms are transient and typically uncover insight into your personal genetics! Experimenting to find which vitamin, nutrient, and antioxidant combination shot is best for you will often provide relief of these side effects. Of course there is always the risk of an allergic reaction, though Voda Health has never had a client experience this. Make sure to read the full consent form for more rare but possible risks associated with an injection.

Does it hurt? How long does it take?

Well… that depends! Only a few injections on the menu cause a sensation of pressure, soreness, or sting. Many clients are ecstatic to find they didn’t feel a thing! Voda Health doctors are trained to give you with the best possible experience when voluntarily subjecting yourself to a poke – we get it, and we got you. If there is a bit of a pain with the injection, it dissipates quickly and won’t leave you with a dead arm. The shot itself is super quick and efficient, taking less than 30 seconds. Of course your Voda Health doctor is happy to answer any and all questions. A one-time intake and consent form must be completed before your first shot which takes less than five minutes and can be found here. With the huge popularity of Voda Health’s injections, there is always a chance of a line, but you will never be waiting longer than a couple minutes!

What are the benefits? How long does it last?

Everyone experiences the benefits differently! That being said, the most common things Voda Health clients experience are boosted energy, better mood, improved sleep, and mental clarity. Decreased pain, noticeable hair and nail growth, weight loss, and robust immune system are frequent responses as well! Because we are all different bodies, with different genetics, and different lifestyles, benefits last different times for everyone. Goal is to feel the benefit for a solid week, and often longer after adhering to the recommended initial series. Benefits are felt within a couple minutes to about 2-3 hours after receiving the injection; that being said, take notice with how you feel over the next couple days.

How do I know which shot would be best for me?

Talk to your Voda Health doctor about the various options on the injection menu and which would best align with your health goals. Trying all the combinations is recommended as sometimes it can be hard to predict what you will respond to best.

Who cannot get a shot?

Anyone currently being treated for cancer, known allergy to injections, or with a history of fainting with injections should not get a Voda Health shot. Pregnant women must consult their managing OB/GYN before receiving a shot.

Do I need to take any precautions before or after my shot?

None! Unlike the oral vitamins, injections won’t make you feel nauseous without food in your stomach. You may carry on with your normal activities, but feeling a whole lot better doing so!