Why Vitamin B Shots?

You aren’t what you eat, you are what you absorb! Injections bypass the all too finicky digestive process, ensuring maximal absorption of the B vitamins regardless of digestive health, medication use, or let’s face it – poor diet. Benefits are noticeable, felt quickly, last longer, and raise levels of the vitamins effectively leaving you feeling strong, energized + optimized!

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Are vitamin injections for you? Do you have signs and symptoms of a possible deficiency? Find out if this could be the missing piece to your health thriving!

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Find the vitamin and antioxidant cocktail that best fits your personalized needs! We are all marvelously different – this isn’t a one-size fits all approach. Let’s discover the shot your body is craving most.


From barely survivin’ to totally thrivin’! Boost energy, improve mood, deepen sleep, enhance performance, and experience mental clarity. Beware: often to-do lists are dominated and co-workers start consulting your astrological chart to attribute this new and improved you.


Investing in your health and taking diligent care of your body is the highest form of self-care and greatest act of self-love. You have this one miraculous body to live out this one miraculous life – why settle for mediocrity? You were built to thrive! The body can and will heal itself, once proper nutrients are restored and basic self care practices are established. Living an energized + optimized life is what we were destined to do, let Voda Health help you get there.
– Dr Ayla Hopkins

Drop-In Shots Schedule

Drop in to any of the following locations below. Be on the lookout for upcoming special events and pop-ups! No appointment is necessary – first come first serve during designated times. Save time by completing the intake/consent forms ahead of time found here.


Due to COVID-19, there will be some modifications on how we function.

When you arrive, look for a sign with instructions on how to hold your place in line. This will be a phone number to text. Please disperse until you receive a text reply that it’s your turn.

Please wear a mask; I will have disposable ones available when you arrive.

I will sign you in, so there is no need to sign-in as you did previously.

If possible, please set up contactless payment on your mobile phone, download/setup the phone app VENMO, and/or come with exact cash. This will help decrease the amount of physical exchange between a credit card/cash and my devices/myself.

I will be cleaning the shot area in between each of you to ensure your health and safety.

THANK YOU so much for your patience as we figure out this new system!

Week of Events

Special Events

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Upcoming Pop-Ups

December 8 @ 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
1120 M.L.K. Jr Way


Very simple, affordable and quick. Super nice woman did my injections. Very happy with my first time experience with a B12 shot.

I don't know if it was the B12, glutathione, or whatever other magic you put in my shot yesterday, but I woke up in a genuine good mood and with solid, high leveles of energy for the first time in I seriously don't know how long. Maybe it's all in my head but I highly doubt that, I think its all because of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the best!

Love the shots that I have been getting. Just makes everything a little easier. The sense of being able to handle everything that life throws at me. My sleep is better, my mood and i really notice it's easier to get up in the morning and get my day started.Also doing the Forever Young. I've read up on this and I can understand the benefits of this now. Not a big change in anything....but it helps knowing it's working on the inside of me. Thanks for the great health advice and shots.

I felt all the things you listed below. Better sleep was the main thing. But also more clarity, fewer hot flash moments (nighttime) and less fatigue in afternoon. Thanks, I appreciate what it has done for me!

Hi Ayla,I would like to share that I have been feeling great since my last shots! After doing the series of 5 B-12 shots (and 2 glutathione) my energy level has been out the roof. People are saying that my skin tone is better and my sleep has improved. Thank you so much for making this accessible to people!

I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you do....I look forward to seeing you every week. I also look forward to your emails they are so informative. See you tomorrow at Marlene's. Thank you so much!!!!

Hello! Last week was my first time receiving a Vitamin B Shot - as someone with a Vitamin B deficiency I have tried quite a few supplements but this was the most effective by far! Within a few hours I felt energetic and focused, and that energy stayed with me for the next 6 days. I would suggest this shot to anyone having issues with energy, mood, sleep, or all of the above. In fact, I went for my regular blood draw/nutrient testing and my Vitamin B levels were off the charts at >1500pg compared to the normal 150pg!! I can't wait to get my next shot. Thanks!

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